Crowded Birdcage in East London



Rating: 7/10

Address: 80 Columbia Rd, London,
Greater London, E2 7QB

Tube: Hoxton (overground)

Hours: Mon-Wed 11:00 -24:00; Thu 11:00-1:00; Fri-Sat 11:00-2:00; Sun 10:00 - 1:00

Entrance: Free; Beers: £4

By Gavin Barnes

The Birdcage is one of those places that satisfy the basic needs of almost every kind of person but don’t quite blow the socks off of many, which might be why it’s always fairly crowded.

Located on Columbia Road right in the midst of the famed Flower Market, this East London venue draws a consistent crowd of devoted patrons.  It’s a pub and a good one at that.

And sometimes that’s all we want and/or need. 

Thankfully, the management here has taken a few steps to liven up this place and turn it into more than your standard watering hole.

The karaoke sessions that take place on The Birdcage’s centre stage will surely entertain at the very least and local DJ’s also set up throughout the week to play a mix of music from hip-hop to 50s salsa.

A trusty 'party starter'

During the daylight hours, this pub is known for being a local boozer but when the sun goes down, the surrounding crowds from Shoreditch and Bethnal Green occupy this hotspot.

A long bar bends through the centre of this space carrying all of the standard drinks any pub enthusiast would expect.  But don’t expect to find any craft beers.

Away from the bar, in the back corner, is a pool table with added seating space that is usually surrounded by fun-loving party-goers. The pub also has Sky Sports and shows all of the important, must-see sporting action that sports fans crave.

If you find yourself in the East London area or out visiting the renowned Columbia Road Flower Market then by all means stop in for a pint, as it is a great place to begin an evening of partying. Maybe don’t fix your whole night to The Birdcage though as there are plenty of places in the neighbouring areas that offer a little more diversity in stuff you haven’t seen before.

Check the Birdcage's twitter for more information on upcoming events.