Musical bliss in East London



Rating: 10/10

Address: 1 Richmond Road,
London, E8 4AA

Tube: Liverpool St, Old St (Tube);
Dalston Kingsland, Dalston Junction (Rail)

Hours: Mon–Thu 18:00–00:30; Fri&Sat 18:00 – 02:30; Sun 14:00-0030

Entrance: donation-based; Beers: £3-4

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By Gavin Barnes

Nestled in between Dalston Junction and Haggerston is a refreshing departure from the standard club experience. Passing Clouds is an anomaly where art and community are encouraged to co-exist.

The rather humble exterior of this building might at first go unnoticed to the casual passer-by, but once inside, the eclectic blend of music that these DJ’s spin will surely have you talking the morning after.

The unique thing about Passing Clouds is that it is run “by the community, for the community”, as their website states.  So when you walk in the front doors, which are kind of hidden around the back alley, you won’t be required to pay a flat £5 or £10 entrance fee.  Instead, you’ll be asked to contribute whatever you are willing to spare.

This might be 50p or £10.  Either way, rules are flexible and the staff are exceptionally friendly.

Variety with simplicity

There are a mix of events that take place at this East London hotspot.  On any given night you might hear anything from reggae to hip-hop to electro-swing and anything and everything that falls in between.  Each night presents a different musical theme.

Inside, things are about as simple as it gets.  No frills, just simply one long bar that runs along one wall and one long stage that runs along the other.  All the space in between is surrounded by art and dedicated for you to do what you please.

However, you might be hard-pressed to do anything too abstract as this space is typically filled with people dancing.

Whether the people are moving to the sounds from the live music on the stage or the DJ up in the booth, you can be sure that there is no shortage of energy within these walls, reflecting the up-and-coming, vibrant Dalston area.

Aside from music and dancing, Passing Clouds also throws in a cool mix of alternative nights throughout the week including film screenings, a weekly people’s kitchen, live jam sessions and more.

Check this place out if you’re looking for a fresh, lively vibe.

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