Talk is cheap in Greenwich, South London




Rating: 7/10

Address: 210 Creek Road, Greenwich, Greater London SE10 9RB

Tube: Cutty Sark (DLR)

Hours: 8:00–24:00 (Fri- 1:00/Sat- 2:00)

£2.09 pints; nothing more than about £4

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By James Tremain

South London and Greenwich in particular have plenty of pubs for you to choose from. Along the river alone there are several proper traditional boozers that any self-respecting Greenwich resident will probably refer you to long before they mention The Gate Clock.

But we don’t all have a fortune! Just like any Wetherspoon’s the country over, The Gate Clock exists for the non-fussy drinker, the pre-drinker and the watered-down-cocktails-after-work drinker. In short, it is not the quality here that will win you over, it is the price.

Also in London took this fact into consideration and visited Greenwich en masse. The Gate Clock is clearly an excellent social pub – there is a huge amount of space inside, two floors of open-plan seating, and also heated tables outside for the smokers amongst you.

Cheapest London prices

The initial and perhaps most pleasant surprise was that a pint was £2.09. Granted, that pint was a watery Carlsberg, but that’s the reason you find yourself here.

Greenwich is a beautiful borough of London, and should the mood take you, it is extremely easy to hop on a train to dance the night away in whichever seedy Soho dungeon tickles your fancy. With this in mind, an establishment such as The Gate Clock is the perfect place to wash away any previous inhibitions. And at £2.09 a pop it won’t even cost you much.

A friendly social environment

On previous visits to The Gate Clock I have been genuinely surprised with how relaxed everyone there is. What with it being a giant, ridiculously cheap Wetherspoon’s, this is likely because everyone is several shades of pissed.

Whatever the reason, it makes for a lively, friendly environment. Several pubs in the surrounding area might be nicer places visually, but they can’t claim to be as welcoming as The Gate Clock.

On one particular visit to The Gate Clock I found myself engaged in the middle of a game of charades between people I assume were workmates because they all seemed to mildly resent each other in that smiley, gritted-teeth way only co-workers have.

My point is, I cannot think of anywhere in Greenwich, or South London as a whole for that matter, where the same thing could happen. It was refreshing to be in a place where the steely-eyed stare of the Londoner was lost for a bit.